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Learn How Partnering With Experts In Any Niche And Leveraging The "Power Of Influencers" Can Generate Up To $500 In Sales Multiple Times Per Day!

The Six Figure Success Academy, developed by Ty Cohen & Mike Balmaceda is a six week training course designed to teach it's students the simplicity of generating high-ticket sales with online courses and webinar marketing. Six Figure Success Academy is for those who would like to sell other people’s courses for high ticket prices. This product includes a 6-week course as well as the software that creates your webinar.

This type of marketing would best suit an online marketer with an already established website and following. Even though there’s training, someone completely new to this industry will have to overcome a steep learning curve. There is also a lack of training on traffic sources, which is a key ingredient to getting any sales. A newbie won’t know how to do this without proper training and tools.

Those who have some affiliate marketing experience will be more comfortable with the terminology and reasoning behind the training. And they will know what’s required to drive traffic to their webinars. I can also see this being effective for those persons who are comfortable reaching out to and negotiating with course creators. Some templates are included for the initial contact, but following that, it’s up to you.

The Training
The training is quite detailed and will show you the steps they take to find a course creator (or influencer) and sell their already created course for a high ticket price. You are also given access to their software, which can create a webinar when you upload the course information. It’s basic and comes out looking like a slide presentation.
This isn’t enough for success though, because they still recommend you purchase a membership with GoToWebinar, to get the webinar in front of people. And you will also need Clickfunnels to create landing pages to drive people to your webinar. 

What they don’t have is any information on traffic sources. They say this course is great for complete beginners with no online experience, yet leave out a crucial step.
They are assuming that the influencer you reach out to will have a large audience already. That’s not always the case. In fact, an influencer with a large audience:
  • Has been around for a while and has his own webinars.
  • Is probably already selling his course for a high ticket price.
  • Won’t be interested in working with an “unknown” in the industry.
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